Meet the Staff

Alfredo Ayala – Owner, Professional Dog Trainer

professional dog trainer, Alfredo Ayala

As a professional dog trainer, Alfredo has been called the “Dog Whisperer of Charlotte,” but if you see the way the dogs follow him in the yard, you would understand why his wife calls him the Pied Piper! Clients have brought their dogs from other trainers and programs to Alfredo and lamented that they did not find him first! He has something very special with the dogs that is a rarity. He truly does speak their language and is an amazing trainer!  Alfredo has years of experience as a dog trainer of all sizes, types, breeds and temperaments. After initially learning the old school “yank and crank” style of training back in the 90’s, he realized he needed a different method. He was thrilled to find the teachings of professional dog trainer, Michael Ellis, and reward based training. This re-ignited his passion for dogs and training and he opened his own business, DSL Dog Training and Boarding in 2010. It has been thriving ever since. His unique understanding of dogs and their signs of communication makes him a great trainer. He is also an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator and professional (dog trainer) member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) and APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers). To say that dogs are his life, would be somewhat of an understatement.


Sunny Ayala – Owner

As the “other” owner of DSL, I’ve watched the blood, sweat and tears my husband has put into starting and growing DSL into what it is today. Dogs truly are his passion and in my “unbiased” opinion he is the best dog trainer around! His heart is for every dog in the world to be happy and every owner of those dogs to be knowledgeable in how to facilitate that! I enjoy working “behind the scenes” to help make sure things run as smoothly as possible.  Your happiness with our business is extremely important to me!  

Daniel-Van Ayala – Future CEO

I am the apple of my Mamma’s eye. She tells me every 7 seconds how beautiful and perfect I am. I agree. I am amazing. I was born in China and had to wait 4 1/2 years for my parents to come get me! Many of the generous clients at DSL donated to help bring me home. I am so thankful to them! While I was in China waiting to come home, my parents sent me pictures of all the doggies. Now I get to see them, play with them, and tell them what to do – just like Daddy! I enjoy eating, TV, TV, eating, going to My Gym, eating, dogs, TV, eating and TV. I am excited to get bigger so I can start working at DSL!

The DSL Pack – Gen 2

Meet Gen 2 of the DSL pack. Our first DSL doggies, Lady, Choncho and Sonia have all been awarded the honor of going to doggie heaven. Bunny, our Pitty, was the bridge from Gen 1 to our new pack, learning from the best and holding on to teach the new ones, Sophia and Reina. They are some of the most loyal staff members we have, and we say in all honesty that DSL would not be what it is with out the four-legged members of our team. 

Dogs of DSL 


“We want to express deep thanks to trainer Linda Taylor for her encouragement and inspiration; without which, DSL would not be. She was the first to see dog training as our family business and helped speak our future into existence.”



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