What do I need to bring?

  • Proof of current vaccinations including: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella (if you haven’t already faxed or emailed them to our office staff)
  • Your dog’s food
  • Treats, toys, blankets, beds, etc. (not required but welcome)

I have a small dog. Will they be stuck with big dogs?

  • Nope! We have separate play yards and packs that can accommodate all sizes and temperaments.

Can I check in to see how my dog is doing?

  • Yes, of course! Call, text, or email and we’d gladly let you know how they’re doing. Also, check Facebook; we post photos of each AM and PM play time EVERY day!

Do I need to bring my dog for an assessment prior to boarding?

  • No, we can evaluate their temperament during their stay; though if they are coming for a longer boarding stay and it’s their first time, we may recommend a day of daycare beforehand so they can get acclimated.

My two dogs are very bonded with each other. Can they share a run?

  • Absolutely! We have runs for all breed sizes. We can put them in an extra big run for plenty of room for them to comfortably move around (or simply snuggle up).

My dog isn’t fixed. Can they still come for doggie daycare and boarding?

  • No. All pets must be spayed/neutered in order for them to stay and play here if they are 6 months of age or older.

My dog has not received much training. Can you work on basic obedience with them while we are away?

  • Absolutely! We offer Training While Boarding services. You simply let us know how many sessions you’d like and we take care of the rest! (All clients hoping for training must have a free training assessment completed prior to their stay. Training while boarding is subject to the trainers’ availabilities during the time of the dog’s stay.)

I would like to have One-On-One Training in my home. What areas do you service?

  • We service South Charlotte and Fort Mill areas including, but not limited to: Ballantyne, Pineville, Weddington, Matthews, South Charlotte, Fort Mill, Monroe, Indian Trail, and Indian Land.

What if my dog doesn’t get along with others? Does he/she stay in their run all day?

  • Nope! We have outdoor spaces that are separated from the main play yards by fencing, so that your dog still gets to play outside and see others, just in his/her own play space.

If my dog is in Boot Camp, can I still come visit if I miss him/her?

  • Absolutely! Once per week during the boot camp, we can schedule “hugs and kisses” visits so that you may come love on your dog, without having to work on any training.

What is the bordetella vaccine and why does my dog need it?

  • Bordetella vaccines are designed to protect your dog against the threat of kennel cough. We require this vaccine to protect your dog, as well as the other dogs that come into the facility. We know that kennel cough is a very serious illness and we try to keep it out of our facility! Below is some more information about kennel cough!


Kennel Cough Information

  • The Pack enjoying a snow day!