When your dog learns your language, it relieves your stress.
Flexible training options, including one on one training, boarding, daycare and more!
Flexible training options, including one on one training, boarding, daycare and more!
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Dog Boarding

More than a boarding kennel; it’s a home away from home!

We’re an A-rated, “Super-Service Award” winning Angie’s List dog kennel with amazing reviews on every site!

  • We cater to dogs of ALL sizes and breeds!
  • Our outdoor play yard is HUGE which means lots of exercise! They go home tired!
  • We now have an indoor facility for those cold, rainy, or super hot days!
  • Dogs play together for fun and socialization; they’re not in a run by themselves.
  • Daycare play INCLUDED in the price for boarding – no extra fee!
  • We provide well-needed nap times in a safe, cozy run.
  • Our staff treat every dog like their own!
  • The dogs are ALWAYS supervised during playtime.
  • We have the latest evening play times – other kennels finish at 7pm; we’re just starting our evening play then!
  • 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
  • We post over 100 photos of all the dogs each day so you can see how much fun he/she is having!
  • We offer training while boarding! Imagine a better behaved dog when you pick him/her up!
  • Experienced staff – we only hire people with lots of dog experience, and then we train them in dog safety, behavior and body language.
  • DSL offers exceptional service, lots of attention, complete care all at a very competitive rate!


Call or email us now to speak with our knowledgeable staff and get the process rolling!

  • We’ll email you our NEW CLIENT PACKET that must be filled out before booking.
  • Your dog must be current on Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. You can have your veterinarian fax your records to (704) 625-2499.
  • All dogs must be spayed/neutered if 6 months or older.
  • Tell us the days and times you want to drop off and pick up to make sure we have room. We fill up quickly for weekends and holidays so don’t wait!
  • Decide which add-on services you would like: a bath, some training while boarding, a walk, a nail trim, etc.
  • Set up a tour on Tuesdays at 6:15pm or Sundays at 11:00am if you’d like to see the place.
  • Pack food, desired toys/treats/medication, a leash and collar – no bowls or beds needed; we provide those along with the cozy kennel.
  • Show up at your scheduled drop off time and be welcomed by our lovely front desk staff.
  • Check our Facebook page as often as you’d like to check in on your pooch while you’re away!
  • Show up at your scheduled pick up time and, again, be welcomed by our staff  to give you your things and hand you back your happy, tired dog!
  • Repeat as often as desired!
  • We can not accept any dogs with any history or chance of seizures.
  • We also can not accept any dogs with any aggression issues towards people.  If your dog is showing signs of aggression please contact us about training prior to bringing your dog for daycare or boarding.
  • Pit bulls, stafforshire bull terriers, bull terriers, and dogs with aggression must wear a muzzle to participate in play times. Mixes of these breeds will be allowed to play without muzzles at the discretion of Dog as a Second Language.


$38 for Full Day  $19 for Half Day

We offer a boarding package of 20-Half Days of Boarding for $342! This is a $38 savings!

The cut-off time for the half day period is 12:00 pm. Save even more money by dropping off your pup after lunch and picking them up before 12:00pm  at the end of their stay!

Ask about our boarding packages and military discount to save even more $$$!





  • Basic Bath- $25 for all breeds (includes hair dryer, bandana or bow, and brush/spray)
  • The Works- $35 for all breeds (includes expression of anal glands, ears cleaning, hair dryer, bandana or bow, brush/spray, and nail trim)
  • Nail Trim-$15 for all breeds (includes complimentary ear cleaning and expression of anal glands).
  • Brush & Spray- $10 for all breeds (suggested for long/thick coated breeds)
  • Board with us for 5 or more consecutive days and receive half off our baths!
  • All baths come with a bandana or bow!



Training While Boarding:

Add a session of training for only $35 during a boarding stay. Trained staff can work on any basic behaviors such as:

  • sit, down or stay
  • off, leave it, or watch
  • loose leash walking or simply better dog-dog manners

Book one session, or one session for each day that your pet is here! The more sessions, the happier you and your pet will be! A well-behaved dog makes everyone happy! These sessions are subject the trainers’ availabilities. These sessions cannot be completed without having had a FREE assessment with our owner/head trainer first!


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