Doggie Daycare


Molly, Murphy, Jackson and Sadie Enjoying A Romp In The Pool During Daycare

Why Doggie Daycare?

  • Daycare gives dogs the opportunity to expend all of their excess energy!
  • You no longer need to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone while you head off for a long day at work.
  • Socialization is vital for the mental health of a dog.
  • Doggie Daycare can build confidence in timid or fearful dogs.
  • You can rest assured that your dog spends each day  living life to the fullest!
  • Have a puppy that still needs potty-training? Don’t fret! Bring them to DSL where we can establish a regular potty-training routine!
  • You can even have your dog trained while they are at DSL for doggie daycare!


Packages: The more they play, the more you save!

Prices will increase in 2016

  • 1 day of doggie daycare – $24
  • 10 day package – $22/day, a savings of $20
  • 20 day package – $20/day, a savings of $80
  • During busy Holidays, we may not be able to accommodate single days of daycare – please check with us to make sure!

DSL is a great place for your dog to relax & make new friends while you are away at work!



  • Basic Bath- $25 for all breeds
  • The Works- $35 for all breeds (includes nail trims, expression of anal glands and ear cleaning)
  • Nail Trim-$15 for all breeds
  • Brush and Spray- $15 (recommended for long/thick coated breeds)


Daycare Requirements

  • Your dog must be current on Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. You can have your veterinarian fax your records to (704) 844-9378.
  • A completed copy of New Client Packet emailed to you by our staff
  • All dogs must be spayed/ neutered
  • A $100 refundable deposit
  • Pit bulls, staffordshire bull terriers, bull terriers, bulldogs and dogs with aggression must wear a muzzle to participate in play times. Mixes of these breeds will be allowed to play without muzzles at the discretion of Dog as a Second Language.

When you arrive at our facility to drop off or pick up your dog, please pull in to the left of the driveway and text (704) 258-0061 “Here (dog’s name and a staff member will be out to greet you shortly.


Rusty is playing on DSL's jungle gym.

Rusty is playing on DSL’s jungle gym.

Under no circumstances can we accept any dog that is a harbinger of a contagious illness for the safety and well being of all the dogs. If your dog is experiencing abnormal breathing, stool consistency, eye discharge, or possesses any other symptoms that may indicate an illness, please contact your veterinarian.

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